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Win Your Home Amongst The Competition with Basit Rehman & Our Dream Team

Thursday, July 28th, 2022 - By Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Agent for East Tennessee

Are you ready to buy your next lake house, investment home, AIRBNB property, fix n flip, primary residence, hunting cabin, luxury getaway?

Need lending for a conventional home loan? Need lending for a fix and flip? Need creative lending options?

Mr. Rehman is phenomenal. He is an extremely hard worker, and is incredibly sharp and fast.

I have been consulting Mr. Rehman for well over 6 months now. He is top in his field. Don't believe me? Just check out some of his reviews!

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Mr. Rehman was cracking jokes the other day and said that he and I are "The Dream Team".

But, it's true, because he can produce a powerful and strong pre-approval letter, which I can attach to your offer. And I am a very strong negotiator, mostly because of my ability to gather data and support our position (buyer's position) clearly, concisely, respectfully, and reasonably.

The best thing to do is to obtain pre-approval right away, so that the moment we notice a property (a home) that is a perfect fit for you, you can move quickly on the negotiation and offer writing process with me, and your strong letter of pre-approval to be attached is already in place, and ready to be utilized wisely.

Gone are the days of making offers without proof of funds and pre-approval attached.

If you want to win in this market, you must prove how serious you are, and, even more importantly, how INCREDIBLY CONFIDENT, your lender is that they will succeed in closing, and within a fair time frame.

If you need a loan for LAND ONLY, you can inquire with Mr. Rehman if he has a product for that, but I refer most of my land only clients to options like the following:

Land Loan with Rural 1st and Stephen Wolfe

Click the link to contact Stephen Wolfe for a Land Loan today.

Thank you for visiting.

Amber Nestor Professional Real Estate Agent for East Tennessee

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