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What to do if you would like me to list your property, or hire me as your buyer's agent...

Effective 12-8-22 I have place my Broker license into a temporary retirement status.

Additional Note on retirement status added 12-9-22: This was not a planned nor expected retirement of license. This was a necessary decision for business and personal reasons, ESPECIALLY regarding a need for a large amount of physical therapy for me to recover my health. All of my listing clients will be directed to my head supervising broker, who will either handle their listing herself, or transfer it to another professional agent with exp Realty LLC. No one will experience ANY interruptions in their advertising. It will be a seemless transition, so no worries. Anyone who contacts me about real estate will be informed that I am not currently practicing real estate and they will be directed to the appropriate person to assist them. I am not sure when I will return to the field of real estate.

I pray you are blessed with wisdom, health, wealth, peace, and happiness.

Thank you for visiting.

Amber Nestor

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