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What is my land worth? What is my home worth?

Saturday, April 8th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Owner of Trillium Cascade LLC - Direct Cell: (865)617-4783

How do you determine what your land is worth?

How do you determine what your home is worth?

How do you know if your real estate agent is able to:

  1. Recommend a good market price?

  2. Succeed in achieving a good market price?

I could write a 500 page book this week about pricing property. However, I don't have time for that, and my goal in writing this very brief article is to share some of my expertise, so that you can feel confident in consulting with me on matter such as listing price or market price.

Things to know about me that help me to make excellent recommendations regarding land and home prices.

  1. Studied advanced calculus and mathematics in college.

  2. Studied database design, and wrote code to design my own complex databased, including ones used for data analysis.

  3. Studies raw land, and residential homes, throughout the state of TN, with a special focus on middle and eastern TN regions.

  4. Has worked as a high volume listing agent since early 2018.

  5. Opened my own real estate firm in Spring 2023.

  6. Conducted all of my own data analysis and all of my own professional real estate photography for every listing I have advertised. Disclaimed, there were a couple that I had sold before I had a chance to visit the property to take pictures, and there was one I listed for a friend, who I allowed them to borrow my photography equipment.

  7. I have sold many millions in real estate in the past 2 calendar years alone.

  8. I am a hunter and a fisherman, and I spend time boating; I study public and private land, and I go exploring all the time. I am constantly learning about the intricacies of micro and macro markets.

  9. I am knowledgeable about water sources.

  10. I am knowledgeable about wells.

  11. I am knowledgeable about different types of internet companies, speed types, and internet and cable territories.

  12. I am an expert negotiators.

  13. I am knowledgeable about creative contract writing.

  14. I have sharpened a unique ability to convey in advertising characteristics that may make your property especially desirable in a way that can encourage a buyer to feel motivated to make a higher offer, by presenting valuable facts clearly and prominently.

  15. As a Principal Broker, my opinion of price can be requested by banks and lenders, who recognize me as qualified to make these types of Comparative Market Analyses on a professional level.

  16. I do continuing education far above and beyond what is required by the state.

  17. I am always seeking to learn about projects in communities, town, counties, etc. that are attractive to job seekers, recreation, fishing, hunting, tourism, vacationers, etc.

  18. And more factors.

These qualities make me uniquely excellent at recommending a price range that would be practical and data supported. Once I recommend a price range, I will inform you of the amount of time it will likely take for you to receive an offer in that price range.

Thank you for visiting.

Contact me at (865)617-4783 if you'd like to have a consultation with me about what your property might be worth, and what your sales and advertising plan might be like.

If you are not interesting in selling at all, these consultations require a small fee. If you are ready to sign a listing contract, these consultations are free.

I pray God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace today.

Thanks again.

Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Owner of Trillium Cascade LLC

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