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The Great Joy of Land Ownership

By Amber Nestor - Professional Tennessee Real Estate Broker

Land, Luxury, & Water Feature Property Specialist

The desire to purchase land is derived from all sorts of goals.

The greatest joys brought forth from land ownership, aside from those that produce life sustaining income and the comforts of shelter & luxury, are those in which we feel the wealth the Earth provides us with.

To behold and connect with the beauty and diversity, the complexity and intricacies, of plants, animals, fungi, soil, water sources, and all types of creatures is a healing and joy filled experience every time.

Each walk, each garden, each hike, each hunt, each journey, each boat ride, each scouting trip, each farm, you discover something new, and you learn something new.

Educate yourself, immerse yourself, in the world of the hiker, the gardener, the farmer, the fisherman, the hunter, the plant enthusiast, and you will find yourself in a brotherhood and sisterhood, a fellowship of sorts, where you make fast friends.

I have made it my life's work to design a life where I explore the state of Tennessee, and all the beauty that it's wildlife has to offer.

I do this through running my real estate business, and through running my charity, focused on conservation, education, and giving back to those in need, and by exploring the public lands designated by the State of TN, TWRA, TVA, the National Parks, and more.

Below are some photos captured during the month of October so far, which display the beauty of TN. I hope they bring you joy.

These images are mine (only I own the right to use these images), and I do not give consent for them to be used.

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