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The First Signs of Autumn - Home and Land Pricing Outlook

9-27-22 Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

The first signs of Autumn ushering in are here in the hints of yellow and orange that are beginning to display in the leaves around the beautiful, lakefront parks in Roane County, Tennessee.

Below I will display a few images I captured today, and then I will discuss the outlook and my personal expectations for home prices and land prices in the fall, winter, and upcoming spring.

It's not hard to take a beautiful photo when God is the artist, and he is supplying you with beauty daily.

I think we are all ready to enjoy this cooler weather, and I know I very excited about the ongoing hunting seasons!

I especially love boating in the cooler, and cold seasons. There is so much beauty to enjoy. TN has us all spoiled with superb opportunity for recreations on all of out wonderful rivers, lakes, and waterways.

So, what might one expect about prices on homes during the fall, winter, and spring? And what about land prices?

Over 75% of the land deals I have done during my career were funded with cash. This means that land prices will be FAR less impacted by rising interest rates. Land values are much more stable than land prices, or perceived land values are.

The prices of homes, I think are going to calm slightly, possibly. This can vary depending on the types of home, and the micro market location. Interest rates are definitely impacting the types of homes buyers who are relying on financing to make a purchase.

So, overall, I think good things are to be expected.

I am seeing steady sales on my end of things.

If you are curious about listing your property, and would like someone to provide you with real data about what price you might expect to fetch for your land or for your home, call or text me today at (865)617-4783.

I won't "run a CMA" that is pulled by a computer program. I will CREATE a list of CMAs for you that make sense. Real data. Real results. My way takes longer, and it's more work, but it produces real results.

Thank you for visiting. I pray God blesses you with health, wealth, and happiness.

Amber Nestor REALTOR®

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