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Tennessee Recreation - Exploring the Many Miles of Waterways and Public Lands of TN - October 2022

By Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

Land, Luxury, Lakefront, and Water Feature Property Specialist

Give me a call today, or text me, at (865)617-4783 if:

  1. You have land, or a home, to sell.

  2. You need assistance researching land, or a home, to purchase.

The lakefront lifestyle is one with an abundant opportunity to enjoy recreation. The Eastern Half of Tennessee is FULL of public lands, parks, rivers, creeks, lakes, mountains, and coves filled with spectacular beauty.

As Autumn's colors sparkle in the reflecting waters along shorelines, we are reminded of what a spectacularly beautiful place Tennessee really is to enjoy the great outdoors!

What is your dream or goal for land?

What is your dream or goal for a home?

Let's have a conversation about your goals, and allow me to share my experience to assist you in achieving those goals.

Looking forward to assisting you with your real estate assets.

I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and happiness this holiday season.

Photo Gallery Below: Enjoying Archery Season in Tennessee - Roane County - Hunting Creek Lines and Waterfront - Whitetail Deer - Scouting

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