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Taking Care of Business - Expanding Credentials & Education - Amber Nestor - Firm Owner

September 1st, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Firm Owner / Principal Broker

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Getting to know your agent.

Sometimes, it can be kind of interesting to get to know more about your agent. The purpose of this article today is to list some info about education I have pursued in a variety of areas to help you get to know me a little bit more.

Today, I received my Certification Credentials for National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer from the Elite Program of Accreditation. The health and healing sciences are one of many fields I am incredibly passionate about. I have already enrolled, and prepaid for 5 more courses through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I'm very excited about starting my next one.

The final goal is to possibly re-enroll into a public university after completing those additional courses to complete a Bachelor's Program in the Health Sciences, and then to combine all of those together to obtain credentialing as a Master Trainer. But, we'll see. I love the health sciences field. For many years I have purchased countless text books in advanced levels of those fields, and read them cover to cover, and decided a couple of years ago to invest a few thousand dollars in taking some courses online so that I could document and prove my credibility in those fields and be able to provide services in a variety of niche areas. Aiming to obtain a Masters and two types of Doctorates:

1. Ph. D Research-Oriented Doctorate

2. Professional Doctorate: An Application-Oriented Program

I believe my studies in the Health Sciences really helps me to be a better agent, and business owner, in many ways. It helps me to be incredibly considerate and understanding of my clients who struggle with a wide range a disabilities, and also for my clients who are in their retirement years, facing the challenges of aging which takes really toughness in this world. For example, the program I completed in NASM-CPT covered a broad range of topics, and extensively encourages and requires that the professional Certified Personal Trainer constantly take into consideration the unique medical conditions of their clients. Likewise, when I am working with clients in my real estate field, I am constantly taking into consideration their unique wants, needs, and goals in every aspect of our dealings.

The topics specifically covered in my recent credentialing certification program with the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( often reputed to be one of the most difficult programs to complete in this field ) included:

Topics Covered Included:

Professional Development and Responsibility

The Modern State of Health and Fitness

The Personal Training Profession

Client Relations and Behavioral Coaching

The Psychology of Exercise

Behavioral Coaching

Basic and Applied Sciences

The Nervous, Muscular, and Skeletal Systems

The Cardiorespiratory, Endocrine, and Digestive Systems

Human Movement Science

Exercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics




Health, Wellness, and Fitness Assessments

Postural, Movement, and Performance Assessments

Exercise Technique and Training Instruction

Integrated Training and the OPT Model

Flexibility Training Concepts

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training

Core Training Concepts

Balance Training Concepts

Plyometric (Reactive) Training Concepts

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training Concepts

Resistance Training Concepts

Program Design

The Optimum Performance Training Model

Introduction to Health Modalities

Chronic Health Conditions and Special Populations

Assessment and Program Templates

Exercise Programs

Muscular System

And More.

I put in bold some of the sections of study that contained extra emphasis and focus on working with special populations, those with disabilities, recovering from injuries, dealing with aging, chronic disease or illness, mental illness, and many other factors requiring customization of programs for their health and healing.

This program was very difficult and demanding, but I love it. It was very impressive, and filled with countless pages of scientific studies referenced supporting off the methods and programs.

Between now and Sept. 9th, I will be wrapping up 6 courses I am taking in the field of Real Estate. These cover topics including the following:

The Code of Ethics

Building Green

Flood Insurance

Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients, and Employees

Working with Senior Clients in Real Estate

Valuation Marketing and Listings

These are subjects which I have already done a great deal of study within, and have taken courses on before, and have extensive experience in, but these are the ones I selected for extra continuing ed in my real estate field, to go above and beyond the requirements of the Real Estate Commission because I love learning, and I love excelling in my field.

I have also completed all of the licensing, exams, coursework, and continuing education required to obtain my Affiliate Broker License, and then also, expanding upon that, my Principal Broker and Firm Ownership Licenses. Those were two bears in and of themselves!

I also believe that no matter how much we ever believe we know, there is ALWAYS more than can be learned! Always. So, I enjoying seeking that out.

I have done year round continuing ed, above and beyond what is required of me in multiple fields for pretty much my whole life. That is a lifestyle for me that I love, and that brings me happiness.

In college, at PSTCC and the Private Christian Maryville College, I focused my studies in the following areas:

Advanced Mathematics and Calculus

Teacher Licensure

Accounting and Business

Computer Coding

Environmental Studies

After leaving college, I focused extra studies that I pursued through BCPL, edx Harvard Online, soloLearn, and a variety of other platforms and sources. I studied over 10 different coding languages, and studied in depth the subjects of database design theory and design, software design coding for data analysis, dynamic website design for websites like Facebook social media platforms and Amazon store websites. It was fascinating. I even designed a program to attempt to predict Powerball numbers after playing around with some even predicting theory in calculus in college. I got bored after I was only able to predict 3 correct numbers per drawing about 10% of the time, and decided I'd rather focus my pursuits in other areas, but it was good for a laugh, and entertaining, and I did develop some theories on predictive event analysis which was fascinating and fun.

When I graduated High School, I had excellent in my English writing courses, which were advanced honors, and was advised that I should pursue collegiate studies in the Language Arts, but I found Fiction reading assignment mind-numbingly boring, and really wanted to learn everything about how everything works in every area of science and business.

I could create a list of books I have purchased in the past 10 years, but it would likely be well over 500, and I'd rather not compile all of that.

My point and purpose here is to demonstrate that it is very valuable to work with an agent that is highly intelligent. That is definitely a characteristic of who I am as a person. A little bit of that comes naturally, but a lot of that comes from having a passion for knowledge and a drive to succeed and learn and discover. It also is the result of an enormous amount of faith, in God, and in self-discipline rooted in my firm believe that their is but one secret to success: never give up. As well, it is true, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. These are some words credited to have been spoken / written by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Lastly, over a year ago, I began the legal paperwork process of starting a 501c3 with a mission to do good deeds in support of the citizens of East TN, and also with a 2nd mission to work towards creating more wildlife management areas in East TN. That is a very exciting, and Christian Faith based project that I plan to have some big announcements about in coming years.

Thank you for visiting. I pray that you are blessed with health, wealth, and wisdom this beautiful day. Text or call me anytime if you'd like to discuss your wants, needs, and goals for selling, listing, advertising, buying, purchasing, and investing in real estate anywhere in Tennessee.

Amber Nestor - Firm Owner, Principal Broker, NASM-CPT

(865)617-4783 Text / Call / VM 24/7/365

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