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Strategies for Reducing Compound Interest While Balancing a Strained Weekly Budget

August 10th, 2023 - By Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Firm Owner

Creating solutions to help young people get off on the right start in the management of their finances is paramount to future success for them in their financial strength and stability. Likewise, consumers who are feeling the pressure, and are overwhelmed, by the ever increasing inflation in seemingly every area of life, cost of living, and business operations, need effective and creative strategies above and beyond the weak ones offers up in "common" advice videos and disappointing meetings with bank and lending staff members. This video is designed to help you take back power and control over your outcomes. This is one of many strategies. Like and subscribe if you'd like to learn more about real estate, credit, and more.

As always, I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace this beautiful summer day.

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