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Serious Hunters & Farmers Understand Real Estate: A Uniquely Valuable Perspective

December 2022 - By Amber Nestor Professional Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

One of the first listings I ever obtained in my career, several years ago, was a property in the mountains of East Tennessee.

The couple who owned the property were incredible people. I met them through the recommendation of their son, a gentleman who's acquaintance I had made talking about my interest in different types of guns and ammo.

What I loved about these folks was their true love of the land. They invited me to meet them up at their 30+ acres, and about 1/4th of the way up the right ridgeline's crevice I parked, and joined them by a fire pit.

They told me about the history of the land, how much it meant to them, how they came about buying it, all of the fascinating things that happened their, and that they accomplished there, and their love for the ecosystem that thrived all around them.

This was the first time I truly witness a place that felt like it's own world, and it was truly something completely magical. The collection of native wildflowers and plants, especially ephemerals, was other-worldly, and in early spring, pre-spring, end-of-winter season, it became a paradise of beauty.

I spent a great deal of time hiking their property, and studying the shape of the land, the creek, it's paths, the curvature, the ridge top views, the mysteries and creatures along the winding waters flowing hundreds of feet through the property, and down a waterfall cascade, and observed the bear activity throughout the property.

This was not an endeavor for someone without experience in the woods, nor someone uneducated in weapons. I hiked that property with several different friends, a few loved ones, and multiple prospective and adventurous buyers.

Places like these can make one feel very close to God. There is a peacefulness and comfort in places like this that can not really be described with words other than to call it Holy, a spiritual experience.

By far, one of my greatest passions in life is truly exploring land, waterways, and hunting.

I have hiked properties all over the Eastern half of this state, and I find my desire to explore more lands only increases each day. There is always something new to discover.

Three things that I find most fascinating, and exciting, in exploring land are:

  1. Discovering water resources and features that do not appear on any maps of record.

  2. Discovering topography features that do not appear on any maps of record, including Google Earth, which everyone assumes is so perfect and complete. Guess what? It's not!

  3. Tracking and spotting Big Game (deer, elk, bear, etc.).

There are so many mysteries hiding in the Earth, only to be discovered by those who are willing and passionate enough to do the work to put boots on the ground, go out there, and discover it for what it really is in reality.

Today was one of those days for me, and my business partner (the best Hunter in the World as far as I am concerned). A map I have been studying for several months, specifically a topography map, had a pattern which really interested me. This pattern was of interest to me, because, in studying countless topo maps, and then hiking them in real life, I have come to recognize certain patterns that often hint to me that their may be MORE than what the map indicates.

Today, we went out to investigate one such type of topo map in person, and guess what we discovered! Two things I discovered were there, which did NOT show up on any map of records, from any of the sources which I commonly access:

  1. A hidden winter forest pond, rich with dark colors, like a pot of tea, brewing from all of the leave steeping from the fall.

  2. A hidden curvature in the ridge line where food sources roll down and gather from hard wood trees, attracting deer.

Imagine after walking well over 700 yards into a map, coming upon an 2 unmapped curvatures in the earth, large ones, and as you walk upon the top of the 2nd one, you discover of pond about 30 yards across down below, and a tree beside you with beautiful shredded orange flesh from the rubbing patterns of a local Whitetail Deer, a buck?!

Naturally the next thing I am plotting is returning throughout the winter on days when I desire to log steps, taking in that cool, wild air, and working out the best drag path to pull a giant deer out with me so I can add a few hundred more pounds of the healthiest meat in the world, pound for pound, rich in iron and protein, and lowest in fat, to my freezer.

I could tell stories about my experiences hunting and hiking, boating and growing food forever. My business partner can too.

This way of life, an intimacy with the land, and all of it's resources, is a beautiful one. I believe everyone has some sort of beautiful set of experiences they have had, and that they seek out, in connection with nature and the outdoors.

The more connected we are to the Earth, the more happiness I believe we truly have.

Ultimately not everyone's lifestyles are wrapped completely around exploring land, but working with a real estate agent, and their business partner, who's lives are wrapped around this way of life, land exploration and water way exploration, is a great asset to you.

We understand that what you see online, on maps, and in diagrams is not always what you get. Sometimes when you visit it's a ton better, or way worse, or absolutely surprising.

Happy land hunting.

Text or call me if you you are ready to begin on your next set of purchases (or sales) for land, or homes.

Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

(865)617-4783 Text or Call anytime. Thanks again, and God bless your day with health, wealth, and peace.

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