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Real Estate Activities, Local Events, & Updates for Current & Future Clients

Saturday, April 1st, 2023 - Broker & Owner Amber Nestor - Trillium Cascade LLC

Windy Beautiful Day - Amber Nestor

What a beautiful Saturday morning! It's windy, and cool, but sunny and beautiful. A perfect day for a lot of things. Before I started my office hours today, which will be focused on paperwork for clients between 11 AM EST - 9 PM EST, I decided to spend 6 AM EST - 11 AM EST capturing some of the beautiful things happening in Roane County Tennessee, and Kingston, outdoors! I'd like to share these things with you, so that you, and your loved ones, may enjoy all that Roane County, and East Tennessee has to offer this beautiful weekend.

Lakefront Farmers Market - Amber Nestor

Every year, there is a Lakefront Farmer's Market in-between two popular and historic churches in Kingston, TN, of Roane County. There are some incredible vendors! I always visit this several times per year. It starts in the Spring and lasts through the Fall. Some of my personal favorite vendors who I have purchased from in the past, or inquired about in my past visits include: local beef farmers, the TN Agriculture and seed table, Flowers and Bouquets, fresh eggs, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, Christian Home Decor, Wall Art, T-Shirts, Clothes, and Jewelry, Beautiful Wood-working of a Large Variety, Home-Make Soaps and Beauty Products, and much more!

Historic Landmark Bethel Presbyterian Church - Amber Nestor

The road you turn on runs in between two historic churches to locate the Lakefront Farmers Market Site. On your Left you will see Bethel.

Kingston United Methodist Church Clothing Donations and Household Goods - Amber Nestor

When visiting the Lakefront Farmers Market, you will also see to your right, Kingston United Methodist Church and their famous Clothes Closet donation store. I encourage everyone I talk with to visit, make donations, and shop here. They have some phenomenal finds! A true Gem of a resource for folks locally for sure. There is a huge back porch where you can drop off goods anytime around back, and it has coverage in case of rain. I always leave my donations in large, heavy duty garbage bags, just in case there is rain and wind. It gives the workers and volunteers more time to process the donations. Don't worry about overflow. This is a very professional operation. When KUMC receives more than they can handle, they distribute to other locations. This is truly a phenomenal group of people running this operation, and wonderful service to the community! Take note of their hours, and be sure to check them out too.

Farmers Market - Amber Nestor

Near the intersection by Church St, you will also see the signage to give you updates on the days, hours, and attractions related to the Farmers Market. It's very helpful.

April 1st, 2023 - Amber Nestor

Today, Saturday, April 1st, 2023 is opening day. Vendors change throughout the weeks. Check it out every weekend that you have a chance. And get involved. Rent a table space. It's very affordable.

Beautiful Dogwood at Bethel, Corner of Church St & Kentucky St - Amber Nestor

The Dogwood trees are bursting with color all over Eastern Tennesee right now. It's a spectacular show of native and natural beauty. Also, it makes for a wonderful Easter Season of beauty, with countless photo opportunities. Easter photos always look beautiful when friends and family gather around a blooming Dogwood Tree. Many churches have them on their grounds.

Fishing Tournament - Amber Nestor

Spring time also means Fishing Tournament Season is here! This one going on today got a nice early start this morning, and fisherman were parked at Landing 58, Gravel Pit Park, and Kingston City Park. It was a beautiful site! I love getting out on the water! It's a spectacular day for it.

Tom Daniels Memorial Crappie Fishing Tournament - Amber Nestor

These signs are posted up at the 3 central boat ramps areas in Kingston City of Blount County, and have been there for a period of time. Roane County, and East Tennessee, is well known for it's abundance of water ways, lakes, and tons of fun fishing tournaments.

Early Morning Fishermen - Amber Nestor

There is something really beautiful and peaceful about the early morning gathering of boaters and fisherman. One can't help but think about Jesus this time of year, out in the boat, fishing with his men as well.

Early Morning Tournament - Amber Nestor

The glowing lights of the fisherman awaiting the tournament's progression can be seen in the early morning hours. A beautiful site, and a wonderful tradition, indeed.

Want to learn more about Tourism and Recreational activities in a county you plan to visit in Tennessee?

Check out some google searches for:

TWRA Fishing

TWRA Hunting

Tennessee Tourism

Roane County Tourism

Fishing Tournaments Tennessee


Thank you for visiting. Time for me to buckle down and work on these paperwork packets for many of my new clients. I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and wisdom this day, and lifelong.

Thank you for visiting. If you are seeking assistance as a buyer or a seller, or even as an investor, text me (or call and leave a voicemail) at (865)617-4783.

Amber Nestor - Broker & Owner of Trillium Cascade LLD


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