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Professional Advertising Customized for Land Marketing

Here are the things that I aim to showcase and inform buyers about when marketing your land or property, especially lake-front:

Presence on over roughly 100 websites for advertising

Professional drone photography

Professional land photography

Topography maps

Specialty land diagrams for complex lots or features needing showcased

Deed research

Plats and surveys of record

Utility confirmation and connection research

Internet confirmation and availability research

Well data from the state

Building rules and regulations on a variety of levels

(county, subdivision, HOA, etc.)

Water data

TVA confirmation of dock rules, ramp rules, tree modification rules

Referral to professionals who can do estimates on a variety of development

related services, including opening up views, building sites, and driveways.

Title and closing cost estimates

Because marketing land all across the state of TN is my specialty, you have a listing agent in your corner that can bring opportunities that other may not be capable of, due to my higher volume of experience and higher volume of business.

I look forward to working with you.

Call today. Amber Nestor - Land and Lake Specialist - (865)617-4783

Thank you. Your business is appreciated.

May God bless this message.

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