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Office Location Secured - By Appointment ONLY

March 8th, 2023 - Updates on NEW Real Estate Firm Launch By Amber Nestor Broker Owner

I'd rather be hunting! LOL But, I am in my home office today. And, I have some great news to announce! I signed a contract today to secure an office space to allow ease of compliance with TREC firm registration processes, and Zoning regulations.

I fought for a period of time to be allowed to register my firm to my home office location, but the Zoning Departments were not being cooperative, so I secured an office space that I will never be present at. Read that again, I will never be present there. I do everything either from my home office space or from my car/truck/hotel while traveling the state for YOU!

I will continue to operate my business from my home office, the same way I have since 2018, successfully. However, if someone would like to visit an empty desk I pay for, that will be located at Office 225 200 Prosperity Place Knoxville, TN 37923, in a beautiful building.

My entire business model is designed to accommodate my buyers, sellers, and investors who are interested in Tennessee Real Estate from a distance! That means you might NEVER have to meet me in person. You might NEVER have to attend a closing in person. Paperwork is handled by mail or online most of the time. Communications are handled by phone, video conference, text messaging etc. And I put boots on the ground and travel all of the state FOR YOU! ( With the help of my business partner! And thank God for him!!! ) (Mostly the Eastern HALF of the State.)

This business model has helped me to serves clients with disabilities, illness, cancer, wheelchair bound, veterans, and those who live out of state and even outside of the country for YEARS! And it is a service that is needed, and I enjoy providing. It also is COVID-proof.

It's nice to have this portion of the process squared away. The next step is just to finish waiting for the Zoning Office and the Real Estate Commission to process some paperwork, and then we will be BACK in business!!!

God bless you with health, wealth, and love, and give me a ring if you would like to join my waiting list of new listing clients who plan to list their properties with me in my launching marketing campaign!

Thanks a million to my customers and clients!

Amber Nestor - Broker Owner Trillium Cascade LLC (865)617-4783

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