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NEW Listings Coming Soon & Happy Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 7th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Owner of Trillium Cascade LLC

Running a real estate business requires a beautiful balancing act of task fulfillment and time management. Staying organized and keeping superb records is paramount to success for all of my clients. This allows me to help them reach their goals in buying, selling, and investing.

Today is a peaceful, rainy day. Listening to the beautiful sounds of the rain showering the earth, and the waves from the lake crashing along the shore always makes for the perfect home office day. Tasks I will be focusing on Friday - Sunday include, but are not limited to, paperwork, communications, organization, transferring galleries of client photography from drone and cameras to laptops, advertising design, accounting, continuing ed, and more.

On days when weather is optimal for outdoor photography, that's when I spend every chance I can out in the field, capturing photography, walking lots, hiking property, studying public and private lands, waterways, and more.

This week I photographed 4 properties properties that will be listed in the MLS in the coming weeks ahead. In the next 7 days, I will be photographing 4 more properties.

My sellers will be signing their listing contracts, and then, when all of their ad designs are complete, and data is researched and verified, those will be listed into the MLS, and distributed out onto various sites on the web for public access and advertising.

Throughout the course of the year, a great deal more of listing clients will contact me for consultations and list their properties with me. I can list property for about 15 new clients per month, for a total of about 180 listing clients per year. So far, only about 8 clients are signed on for the month of April, which will be my firm's first full month in operation this year. We are off to a superb start!

One of my long time buyers, who I've done research for off and on for many months, might have finally found a property that they will love, due to many long hours of detailed research I have been doing for them, and that is exciting. I've conducted research for many other buyers this week as well.

I also spent a lot of time creating and designing 14 unique marketing campaigns which focus on a variety of goals for the firm, and for my individual clients. It's an exciting time.

Many of you may be preparing to celebrate Easter Sunday, April 9th, 2023. I am incorporating those celebrations into my schedule today, Saturday, and Sunday with Bible Study, and quiet time in prayer and meditation, and weather permitting, visiting some new places to do some scouting outdoors in preparation for deer seasons crossbow opening day, and observing the ephemeral, native, and rare flower species in boom. Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. And I enjoy this rainy season too.

I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace this Easter weekend. And no matter your faith, beliefs, or religion, that your next few days are peaceful, healthy, prosperous, and wonderful in every possible way.

Thank you for visiting. ~ Amber Nestor, Principal Broker & Owner (865)617-4783

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