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New Firm - Trillium Cascade LLC - Opening Process Updates

Broker Owner - Amber Nestor - Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Excellent news. The TN Real Estate Commission website is now showing my new firm as "active" and my principal broker license as "active".

I have sent an email to TREC rep. to obtain confirmation that it is indeed legal for me to begin operating.

I have also requested confirmation of amount of time to expect before I receive the physical copies of these licenses in the mail, and which address they will be mailing them to.

I also emailed K.A.A.R.M.L.S. to get prorated quotes on fees and dues to set up my firm and principal broker account in the MLS, renew my TAR and NAR memberships, and create my new Supra E-Key electronic app for showing property and homes.

These are the last steps. Again, if you are one of the 17 waiting list clients requesting that I list your property, be sure to text me, if you have not already, so I can take the next step on your property photography.

Thank you for visiting my page. I pray you are bless with health, wealth, and peace this beautiful spring day.

Amber Nestor - Broker Owner - Trillium Cascade LLC - Professional Real Estate TN

Original Photography - All Rights Reserved - Amber Nestor - Trillium Cascade LLC

Images can not be copied, or used, without written permission.

Currently is Eastern TN, you may begin seeing Sugar Maple Trees, like the one in the left side of the image below, begin showing beautiful light green - yellow growth. Red buds are blooming, and Dogwoods are in FULL bloom. Bradford pear trees just finished their big blooming. Mayapple, Yellow Trillium, and many other rare and beautiful native flowers, often called Ephemerals, early spring flowers, are something fun to look for, and to protect! You might like to read more about these kinds of flowers: Google Search: WBIR Articles Outdoors White Oak Sinks Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildflowers 2023 Thanks again, and have a beautiful day.

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