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NEW FIRM LAUNCHING SOON! Read to learn more. Save me to your contacts; update your old contact card.

Saturday, February 25th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Professional TN Real Estate Broker

Running a business is in many ways like having a long, lasting marriage. It takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, growth, change, wisdom, and a whole lot of love and faith!

After many years of very hard work, continuing education, and sacrifice, I am happy to announce I have formed Trillium Cascade LLC.

Trillium Cascade LLC is my NEW real estate firm, of which, I am Broker, Owner.

Please update your contact cards for me, Amber Nestor, in both your cell phones, and in your email accounts to use the following NEW email address:

My cell phone number will not change: (865)617-4783

So, over the years I have had many agents tell me that I should start my own firm, and that they would love to join me when I do.

However, I have no plans of ever hiring any agents to work for me, or under me. Maybe in the distant future that will change, but that would likely be years from now IF EVER. My focus is on budgeting more of my time and money toward the goals of my clients and toward my personal goals. Having agents working underneath me would take away from that time, and I am not interested in that type of business model. I love practicing real estate. I want to practice, not manage others at this time. The space I am contracted to rent will not accommodate anyone more than my business partner and myself, and as a result of that we can keep our space rental low. We will never be at that location, because we operate out of our home office, or from a vehicle or hotel, remotely, as we always have in the past, while traveling all over the state working hard for our customers and clients. We utilize technology of all sorts, and good old fashioned USPS mail/FedEx/UPS to accommodate all distances and disabilities, and make the process as easy for our clients as possible, always.

Why am I starting my own real estate firm?

Well, there are tons of reasons.

My top 2 reasons are because I specialize in professional photography, marketing, and graphic design, and I want to have MORE control over my advertising, my business name, logo, reputation, presence, and BUDGET for those things.

By owning my own firm, I can do things my way, the ways that I see work best for my client's best interest, and by removing my obligation to share my commission with someone's else's firm, I free up a MUCH larger budget to dedicate towards 4 important things:

  1. Professional and Powerful Advertising Techniques

  2. Charitable Causes in the State of Tennessee

  3. Yearly Tax Obligations and Continuing Education Endeavors

  4. Retirement Planning & Scalable Investment Acquisition

In addition, increasing my net income will provide me with the ability to have MORE time to put towards time that I can spend:

  1. Outdoors hiking, hunting, and fishing

  2. Involvement in faith and charitable causes

These things are important to me as I age, because they are wise, valuable, and rewarding investments of my time, money, hard work, and health.

Check back to see when my firm is finalized with the State of TN, and when it launches and opens it's doors. But, as many of you know, I will be operating out of my home, by utilizing technology, and remotely while I travel around Tennessee, on the road, and from hotel rooms.

My business partner and I are so happy that we have finally reached this stage in our business plans, so that we can bring our customers and clients the BEST possible experience imaginable for all of the listing, selling, advertising, buying, investment, and consulting needs in the realm of Tennessee Real Estate.

I pray you have a beautiful week filled with love and prosperity, and good health.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Amber Nestor - Broker Owner - Professional Real Estate Agent for Tennessee

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