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MORE UPDATES: New FIRM Launching Soon!

March 1st, 2023 - By Amber Nestor, Broker, Owner, Professional TN Agent

Yellow Trillium, Townsend, Tennessee, Blount County - Captured by Amber Nestor

Updates: My estimated launch date of my new real estate firm being fully operational is March 20th, 2023, the first official day of Spring this year.

It's a huge myth that Spring is the best time to list property! I can explain that in detail for anyone who wants to know why that is. However, that is not my focus for this blog post.

There are 2 main things we are waiting on to be fully operational. Both are steps that are completely out of my hands and are just waiting periods for government office to handle their own paperwork processing steps.

Everything else is projected to fall into place beautifully and smoothly. So, I thought I would spend the rest of this blog discussing some reasons why I chose the entity name, Trillium Cascade LLC, for my Real Estate Firm.

Yellow Trillium is a unique ephemeral flower, and the way that it grows and expands over time is an interesting process, and is comparative to the way an asset can increase in value over time.

It is my all time favorite flower, and reportedly loved by deer. It is also often found near certain other plants like Solomon Seal and Mayapple, which are also very fascinating plants. Other flowers common found near Trillium include purple fringed phacelia, and many other Appalachian Natives and rarities, as well as a huge variety of delicates, mosses, and ferns.

My favorite memory finding yellow trilliums was hiking several thousand feet of creek and cascading waterfall lines on a private property owned by a couple who requested I help them sell their acreage in the mountains. Their entire property was filled naturally with an enormous variety of BEAUTIFUL native wildflowers. Year after year, while I lived in the mountain myself, I explored the wild lands of TN, all over the Eastern Half of the state, and carried my flower directory book, and notated all of the locations where I founds certain species. I would return to these places on specific dates every year to take note of how they had returned, larger, covering broader sections of land, with bigger flowers and root systems.

I'd end the day standing in a creek or a river somewhere, having the happiest moments of my life.

To have access to private land filled with beautiful things like this is one of the sweetest things in life! People come from all over the world to visit East TN, and often times solely to view the large, unique variety of plant life.

Thank you for visiting. Want to look for rare varieties of native plants in East TN too? Send me an email at and request that I send you links to the best flower and plant guides.

God bless you with love, joy, and peace.

Amber Nestor - Broker, Owner, Agent - Tennessee (Broker License and New Firm Activating Near March 20th, 2023)

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