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Life Outside of Real Estate

March 31st, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Broker / Owner - Trillium Cascade LLC

It's always been a big dream of mine to find as many ways as possible to give back, and to bless people in the same ways that I was blessed during times of hardship in my own life.

One of my side projects is opening a 501c3 charitable corporation, private foundation, focused on 2 primary goals:

  1. Good Samaritan deeds in the communities of Eastern TN.

  2. Conservation projects involving land, wildlife, and waterways.

Today was a big next step in the process, and that organization is called CCM of TN Corporation.

Trillium Cascade LLC has a major overarching goal of operating successfully so that sizeable donations can be contributed into this foundation that will give back to people and places and beautiful if East TN more and more each year to come as the firm grows!

I am also working on tons of continuing education in the direct, and slightly indirectly, related fields to real estate. These pursuits are very interesting, and are something I am always doing. There is always something new to learn than can help me to better serve my clients.

And, last but not least, I am doing continuing education in the fields of health, physical therapy, nutrition, and medical related studies. This became a passion of mine during my youth as competitive athlete, and grew into a necessity during my long battle with stage IV endometriosis and it's complications. It became extremely helpful when recovering from injuries and even illnesses like Covid.

Well, those are a few things about me. I believe in giving back, so it's a top priority for Trillium Cascade LLC.

I pray God blesses all of you with health, wealth, and peace this day.

Thank you for visiting.

Amber Nestor - Broker / Owner

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