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East Tennessee Land - A Canvas of Excellence and Beauty

By Amber Nestor REALTOR and Land Specialist

East Tennessee has many waterways and gorgeous lake and riverfronts to choose from. In addition, it's possible to find land with natural springs and private creek lines as well. And, let's not forget ponds, because this is where the ducks like to hang out in hunting season too.

East Tennessee's beauty and weather seasons are simply spectacular, and if you want to start browsing for land in the Eastern half of TN, you are going to have an optimal experience if you work with an agent, like myself, who specializes specifically in the advertising, marketing, research, and development of land.

I can help provide you with education about TVA and TWRA, and research and verify anything and everything within reason that you could imagine about the highest and best usage opportunities for the types of land you are seeking for your personal goals as a buyer or investor.

In addition, I specialize, and have experience working with sellers who include: retired citizens, war veterans, people with disabilities, people needing help from a long distance, people needing either mail or email paperwork options, and closings that don't require anyone to be present on site to complete. I also have a great deal of experience working with and consulting multi-million dollar investors, large acreage land developers, HOA managers, and much more.

Whatever your large or small goals may be in buying or selling, I am here to help. My motto is "Real Data. Real Results." This is how I provide my clients with the best information to make informed and competitive decisions: I base it on data.

Call and text me today. I would love to talk with you about your next real estate goal. And remember, I do houses too, even one's that have been abandoned and/or dilapidated or damaged.

Whether you are seeking a personal goal for your primary or secondary residence, or you are pursuing a goal that requires major acreage development and HOA strategy, I can help with all of those things. East TN offers land potential that creates a beautiful canvas for you to paint and design your life. Call today.

Amber Nestor - Land Special Agent - (865)617-4783

God bless you with great health and wealth.

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