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Land You Can Fall in Love With: What piece of land, or home, is the right next purchase for you?

June 30th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Firm Owner & Principal Broker

Original Photography - Captured by Amber Nestor - 11:29 AM EST - 6-30-23

You can almost hear the rain when you look at a photo like the one above, can't you? Not much is more relaxing and peaceful that experience of hearing the water and the earth, whether is from the weather, or from the flowing, rippling, or waving of a river, creek, or lake. Or, if you are really lucky, maybe you hear the crashing waters of a cascade, waterfall, or artesian well.

If this is an experience that you want to enjoy every morning, every evening, every day, every night, you can spend a lot of time commuting to public lands and water ways, or you can own a slice of that pie directly, and make it all your own.

Even if it's not in your budget to live right on the water, maybe you can buy near the water, and I have some superb options for sale for many price ranges right now.

This kind of property ownership provides an experience that is extremely valuable, because it provides owners, renters, and visitors with peace and healing in a busy, noisy, world full of tension and interruptions. I spent a bit of time this morning writing about the importance of peace on 2 of my other blogs ( one for a charity and one for a health program ) this morning, and thought, this is really something that is a common thread, if not one of the strongest threads, in property ownership consideration. So, let's talk inventory.

I have a top notch dockable unrestricted lakefront lot for sale North of Food City, Kingston, that might even be allowed to have it's own boat ramp too!!!

I have an extreme fixer upper 5 minutes away from Euchee Marina and Restaurant on the Lake.

I have a mostly flat culdesac lot in a gated lake access community that is a hop and skip away from multiple lakefront parks.

And I have a rock bottom priced buildable lot in a lakefront community, for luxury.

Additionally, I specialize and land research, and have worked in over 15 counties constantly researching properties for over 6 calendar years in the eastern half of TN.

My experience base is incredibly broad, and if you don't like to esign, I will mail paperwork to you (personally the old fashioned way of doing things is my favorite). But, esign is also available for quickness and convenience as well, and is something I do daily.

If you are ready to purchase your next property for construction, hunting, gardening, farming, recreation, fishing, hiking, and more, call or text me anytime at (865)617-4783. I will create a property research schedule for us to begin working together on or after July 11th, 2023. However, if you are ready to write an offer to make a purchase right away, contact me and let me know. I will drop everything and take care of your goals and get your offer written and negotiated immediately.

I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace this gorgeous, cozy, peaceful rainy Summer day.

Amber Nestor - Firm Owner & Principal Broker (865)617-4783

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