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It's Official - TN Broker Status

Thursday, August 4th, 2022 - By Amber Nestor Professional Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

It's official. Today I received email notification from the State of TN that my license to practice real estate has been upgraded to the highest level available to be obtained in Tennessee: from Affiliate Broker to Broker.

So, what does this mean?

Having an upgraded Broker License in TN helps me to demonstrate the years of experience, and the extensive hours of additional education, which I have completed already, AND it also demonstrates a higher level of continuing education which is required of me moving forward as well.

In addition to doing another set of continuing education which included a 30 CE course on Brokerage Firm Management, I also sat for a 6 hour examination period, which included especially difficult testing on Tennessee, and National, Real Estate Law, Rules, Regulation, and Practice, and succeeded.

In the next 2-3 years, I am required to complete an addition 120+ credit hours of continuing education, AND I aim to exceed that requirement.

Having this level of license in my state also means that I am eligible to apply to opening my own real estate firm, and/or negotiating running a branch office for an existing firm.

Currently, I am very happy with my current company, but naturally in the future branching out on my own is something I might consider, as well as considering opening a branch.

But, realistically, if I did branch off in any manner, I likely would never aim to hire only one or two agents under my supervision at most, and those would likely be a close friend or family member. This is because my personal choices in my business model design, and my choices in the amount of time I like to designate to my business, my professional photography, my drone photography, and also to other pursuits (personal, business, and charitable), are very time consuming already, and would make managing a large number of agents too time consuming for me as an individual, considering my unique personal goals and pursuits.

Additionally, having this level of license allows me eligibility to apply to work in an increased capacity for banks, lenders, and asset managers.

I am very thankful to have received confirmation that the State has updated my licensing information to demonstrate my hard work and dedication to my field, and my lifelong commitment to excelling in continuing education.

Please be patient with me as I spend the next 30 days working to update all of the websites, advertising, and platforms on which my name and credentials appear, including this website, to reflect my upgraded Broker License status.

My first priority is always meeting the needs of my sellers, buyers, and investors who are under contract with me, and making sure that their financial goals are met, and come first.

Thank you to all of my customers, clients, friends, family, Church family, and to my firm and it's phenomenal leadership: Head Broker, Co-Head Broker, State Broker Team, and Compliance Specialist Team, and Support Team.

I pray God blesses all who visit this page with great health, wealth, and wisdom.

Amber Nestor - Professional Licensed Real Estate Broker for Tennessee

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