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Hunting and Fishing Contest

July 16th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Firm Owner, Principal Broker, Professional Agent

Image Above: Amber Nestor - Scouting for Deer, Ducks, and Geese - 2022 Fall

As a business owner, a hunter, a fisherman, a lover of plant-life and wildlife, and all of the recreation that Tennessee has to offer, I decided to do something to celebrate my fellow hunters and fishermen.

I am inviting the public to submit their favorite photos of their hunting and fishing experiences in Tennessee.

30 days after the closing of deer season, 2023-2024, just for fun, I will give away a cash prize to 1 of the random participants.

This contest really has nothing to do with real estate, and everything to do with celebrating the abundant hunting and fishing culture of Tennessee.

Below are instructions for how to submit your photos.

Throughout the course of the hunting and fishing seasons, I will share occassionally the submissions as a way to celebrate the Hunting and Fishing culture that is so rich and so beautiful in our hearts here in Tennessee.

Here is how to submit your photos:

Send an email with your favorite photos to me at

The title of the email must say: PHOTOS FOR CONTEST 2023-2024

The body of the email must be copied and pasted from the section below:

What are the names of everyone in the photos?

Do you consent to have your photos featured on for contest, blog, ad purposes, and the promotion of recreation in TN?

What is your phone number and mailing address where you prefer to be contacted in case you win? (This info will be kept private, and will never be published online. fyi)

Were you on public land or private land?

What Region were you in?

What Unit were you in?

What County were you in?

What memory would you like to share surrounding the photo(s) you submitted?

What story would you like to share about what hunting and/or fishing means to you, your friends, family, and loved ones?

What issues are important to you in the world of hunting and/or fishing?

Do you consent to having your answers to these questions shared on

Is there a name of a business that you or your family own, which you would like me to feature in your ad?

Would you like for your full name(s) to be in the ad?

Would you like for you name to be first name only in the article or ad?

Would you like for your name to be anonymous in the article or ad?

Would you like to receive a list of hunting, fishing, or recreational property for sale, or of other types of property for sale in TN?

If your answer is yes to the last question, please send a text or call me right away at (865)617-4783, and I will customize a report to send to you and browse.

I specialize in land research.

Do you have property you would like to sell?

If the answer is yes to that question, please text or call me right away, and I will talk with you about your goals, and offer you a plan for a successful sale for your consideration.


Thank you for visiting. I hope this turns into something fun to celebrate the joys of the hunting and fishing communities throughout TN, and I hope that we can do this every year.

Thank you,

Amber Nestor - Firm Owner, Principal Broker, Professional Agent


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