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How to Obtain Financing to Purchase Land

Saturday, May 13th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Firm Owner - Trillium Cascade LLC Real Estate - Tennessee

The link above is to the company who has provided financing to purchase LAND without a liveable house for about 90% of my buyers since 2018 (the ones who were not paying 100% cash).

Anytime you purchase land that does NOT have a ready to live in structure on it, there is the potential to seek out a land loan for that purchase.

Land loans are very different from typical "home loans" or "mortgages" that you might be use to hearing about.

Usually these types of loans are a little more difficult to acquire, and this is because theses types of loan products usually require higher credit scores, as well and larger down payments, and shorter terms of repayment, which can translate into higher monthly payments.

However, if you can position yourself financially to become eligible for a land loan, it can be a superb opportunity to make an investment in:

  1. Land you can build on in the future to personal use.

  2. Land you can build on in the future for the purpose of creating recreational space, or long term and short term rental properties.

  3. Land you can subdivide.

  4. Land you can improve.

  5. Land you can develop, protect, or use for special purposes.

  6. Land you can farm, harvest, lease, and much more.

Whatever your land goals may be, it is valuable to have an EXPERIENCED agent that specializes in land research, land verifications, and all things land.

I have specialized in land research and verifications since 2018. I would love to work with you on YOUR goals as a buyer, seller, or even investor.

Call or text me anytime 24/7/365 at (865)617-4783 to learn more about working with me as your professional agent.

I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and joy this beautiful Spring day.

Amber Nestor - Principal Broker & Firm Owner - Trillium Cascade LLC Real Estate Services for Eastern and Middle Tennessee

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