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Grande Vista Bay in Rockwood, Tennessee

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 - Real Estate News and Updates for Buyers

The link below might expire after a period of time. However, if you would like me to send you a current report for what land and homes are currently available in the Grande Vista Bay community, you may send me a text to request this at: (865)617-4783

Link to property available in Grande Vista Bay as of 6:54 AM EST, Nov. 30th, 2021:

If you'd like me to assist you in shopping for, buying, or negotiating a purchase of land in Grande Vista Bay, or in any other area or county in Tennessee, call me today.

I also specialize in selling and marketing land, so if you have land you would like to sell, I am ready to photograph your property and market it professionally, in a way customized to optimize sales results for land in any part of TN.

Grande Vista Bay is a beautiful HOA ( home owners association) managed subdivision. It is well known for the incredible and desirable beauty and topography and waterfront. This expansive development of exquisite land is growing in popularity, and new constructions is moving at a steady pace.

I love this development because of it's overall location, it's incredible beauty, the abundance of wildlife, especially deer, and the community's people, and their shared desire to enjoy and encourage this beauty. Lastly, there are many amenities, and abundant options and locations for lake access points within the community.

The community branches off into a variety of sections, and the majority of which are protected by beautiful gated areas with top of the line access pad entry devices. This HOA cares about the properties and privacy of it's property owners.

The homes built here are gorgeous and superb. Roane County is an excellent place to live for recreation and proximity to opportunity. I love Grande Vista Bay.

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