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For the Love of the Land & Waterways of E TN - Recent Wildlife Photogalleries

September 12th, 2022

By Amber Nestor - TN Real Estate Broker

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If you are considering buying land, or a home, in the Eastern Half of TN, but are still not sure, I would like to share with you a few sets of photogalleries below, mostly from the past 4 days, taken while out enjoying recreation in this beautiful region.

Wildlife Sightings this weekend included, but not limited to:

Canadian Geese

Wood Ducks

American Black Ducks


Great Blue Herons




Barn Swallow

American Goldfinch

Great White Egret

Whitetail Deer


Orange Spotted Jewelweed Flower

Blue Spiderwort Flower

Mimosa Flower

Many More

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