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June 5th, 2023 - Amber Nestor - Listing Agent, Firm Owner, & Principal Broker

Image Above: Captured by Amber Nestor, Featured in the MLS and Throughout Online and in Print Advertising, All Rights Reserved

Today I spent an hour at this property, and the focus of my visit was to open up and trim some of the new growth closing in the buyer's ability to peer into the tree line on the wooded sections of the lot. It is easier again to peer into the woods, and see the lay of the land in the front-most, wooded portions of the lot again. You may notice 2 large piles of freshly cut branches, or more. Those are from me. No worries there.

However, the main obstacle for buyers wanting to make an offer on the lot remains the difficulty in walking down to the shoreline to verify it and see if for themselves. While we have already completed the process of having the property lines boldly marked and blazed around the perimeter by a professional surveyor so that a buyer, even within the woods, can easily determine the location of property lines, we are awaiting approval from the seller to give the a-okay to our chosen tree / path / walkway creation professional.

The plan is for the tree professional to open up a line along the right border of the property all the way down to the water so that buyers can see what my drone indicated, and also what the tree / landscape professional verified, that a buyer will be able to walk right down to the water, and that the shoreline is a good one, that is workable.

In addition, 2 other tree professionals visited the lot and indicated the same conclusion.

So, now we wait.

I plan to revisit the lot as much as possible to work on little bits of it as I am able until the approval is given to have the professional complete the job with his crew and gear.

It's important to me that potential buyers for this lot I have listed be able to walk down to the water, dip in their toes, and feel 100% confident in exactly the lay of the land and the shoreline potential.

I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and joy this beautiful summer evening.

Amber Nestor - Principal Broker, Listing Agent, Buyer's Agent, Firm Owner, (Occasional Tree Trimmer LOL)

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