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Celebrating Millions of Dollars in Sales!

June 21st, 2022 - By Amber Nestor Professional Real Estate Agent

I received a hilarious phone call from a friend of mine in the business. She pointed out that my Google Reviews for "Amber Nestor Real Estate Agent of Roane County" were not very good.

I honestly had not looked at them but maybe once a year since I was in business.

There are 2 reviews there that are bad, 1 star reviews, who are people claiming that I did not follow up with them quickly enough. However, when I attempted to reach out to these people, there is no response, and I have no record of them in my phone contacts at all.

So, if you are one of the hundreds of customers or clients, buyers, investors, sellers, or friends in the business, lenders who I refer clients to, title companies who I have coordinated with, agents who I have given or referred clients to, or anyone else who knows me through the industry in some form or fashion, even the many companies who I refer tree and landscaping service to, take a moment and give me an honest review, LOL, because few have bothered up to this point. I am not much of a google reviewer myself, but unfortunately Google Reviews is part of life. LOL.

What's funny about that is I have done many millions of dollars in business! Despite this ignored Google Review debacle. And I have served diligently and loyally many clients! I have even helped VERY many for free! Sometimes people have gone through quite a lot of suffering or struggle, and, on rare occasions I will offer free services, in a charitable fashion, when I am able. All of my consultations are free, typically.

So, being the type of person who loves data analysis, how about I share some of the happy and successful transaction data, so that people considering hiring me can learn a bit more about my skill and experience.

If you look at my list of blog entries, one way you can see my skill is by looking at the following post:

At the current moment I have 21 listings working, active, or pending in the MLS roughly. These are property owners who have signed contract with me to photography, advertise, market, and sell their property, as their Designated Professional Real Estate Agent.

I have 4 Pending closing, but only 3 are showing up, because we are waiting on one of the signed sales contracts to arrive in the mail. In fact, one of those closes TODAY at 6PM! :) Yay!

My goal as far as listing count is typically to keep the number of properties that I have listed above 20, but ideally above 30. That's a lot! If I sell 1 or 2 or 10 in a month, whatever it may be, my aim is to immediately replace those listing clients with new ones. I enjoy doing a high volume and variety of business.

Now I am going to share some data with you about property that I have SOLD recently!

My highest ticket home sale this year was over $900,000. It was for a Luxury Cabin on River Front Land which owned both sides of the riverfront rights. A spectacular property, it is, indeed. I represented the buyers on that deal. They were absolutely phenomenal clients. Here are a couple of photos of that property snagged from below.

Last year the highest ticket piece of land I sold, I represented the seller, and the price tag was around $375,000. The cooperating buyer's agent on that deal was one the best agents I have ever worked with. She is a phenomenal agent of high integrity, and one that I trust to send referrals to, because I know I can trust her to take phenomenal care of her clients, and to be honest, always.

Here is a screen capture that I created of that property below. This lot was spectacular because it was very flat with TONS of water rights and spectacular views and surroundings. It was situated on a peninsula and was in walking distance to a exclusive community pool, restaurant, and water front golf club! Also, lots of beautiful wild life, and marinas and attractions nearby. TVA stated via email that the lot could actually apply for a permit to build both it's own dock and it's own ramp.

Below is a photo of the general area where that property is located.

I travel all over TN and focus my real estate practice mostly in about 20 different counties. That's a lot! I often work on more deal closer to where I currently live in Roane County, just because of the convenience. However, I partner with agents in other counties often when I have deals in other counties, and I love to travel, so that helps too.

I love getting to see the beauty of East TN! :)

I especially love fishing, hunting, and studying native plants and wildlife. I am very blessed to have a business partner who shares my same passions in life. We make an excellent team.

I am a VERY passionate photographer and have TOP of the line photography equipment and a small fleet of drones.

Here is a list of a few of the sales prices for some of my sellers who I represented and achieved sales of their properties for recently (These were clients who signed contracts with me as their Designated Professional Real Estate Agent to photograph, advertise, market, and sell their property, which I succeeded in doing.):

$69,000 Land in Greenback, TN

$149,000 Land in Loudon, TN

$35,000 Land in Tellico Plains, TN

$110,000 Land in Cosby, TN

$13,000 Land in Maryville, TN

$80,000 Land in Kingston, TN

$39,900 Land in Rockwood, TN

$12,000 Land in Kingston, TN

$90,000 Land in Rockwood, TN

$9,400 Land in Kingston, TN

$245,000 Land in Rockwood, TN

$29,900 Land in Kingston, TN

$17,500 Land in Harriman, TN

$113,400 Land in Rockwood, TN

$24,900 Land in Rockwood, TN

$64,000 Land in Newport, TN

$47,350 Land in Rockwood, TN

$69,950 Land in Ten Mile, TN

$65,000 Land in Harriman, TN

$74,900 Land in Rockwood, TN

$5,000 Land in Rockwood, TN

Again, these are just a few of my recent clients which all fall into the category of sellers which I have helped. (This is not a list of buyers whom I have helped.)

I am sure they are very happy that my advertising plans worked and marketing price analyses were spot on, but I have honestly never asked anyone to go and give me a Google Review.

I often have over a thousand new emails per week, over 40 new voicemails per week, hundreds of exchanged text messages weekly, and conduct about 10+ free market price analyses per week, and I also research over 50+ properties for free for clients weekly at a minimum.

I stay extremely busy.

Well, I think that's enough data to share for now. Maybe I should start encouraging my happy clients to give me a Google Reviews, but it's just not something I care to bother people with.

When a client gets me on the phone, they can tell very quickly that I am an expert in my field, and I am able to provide them with the data that demonstrates that quickly.

I hope a few folks who have benefited from my free or paid services take a moment this year and search on Google "Amber Nestor Real Estate Agent Roane County" and give me an honest review.

Thank you, and I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace.

Amber Nestor

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