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Buy a Home or Buy Raw Land - Differences in Financing & Helpful Strategies

By Amber Nestor - TN Real Estate Broker

This post is going to be very short, because I have to prepare for a course I am taking today, in my field of Real Estate Continuing Education, which will begin at 9 AM, and it is now 8:13 AM.

Obtaining a Land Loan can be a difficult obstacle for some because traditional land loans often have the following criteria:

  1. Require credit scores above 720+

  2. Require much larger down payments 10% or more

  3. Require shorter terms of repayment of the loan, and larger monthly payments.

However, there is another strategy you can take. Consider contact me via phone call or text today, and when I get back with you, I can send you a report to browse homes for sale, that have minimum amounts of acreage, which you are seeking, as well as other criteria like:

  1. Under a certain price range.

  2. Little to no land restrictions.

  3. Close proximity to areas of interest, such as lakes, rivers, creeks, grocery shopping, hospitals, etc.

Then, to make your financing situation less difficult, you can utilize a lender at the link below, to see if the property you are interested in purchasing will qualify for one of the THDA or down-payment assistance program loans:

Here is the link for current THDA lenders:

Lastly, after you meet with a lender by phone, if you are not quite where you need to be, for a land loan, or for a home mortgage, consider beginning to monitor the 5 major factors that impact your credit score at:

This is a free service, with optional add-ons, and it's 5 Factor Impact Analysis is the most effective program of data-driven credit monitoring that I have ever found, and I believe it helps get people to the finish line faster than any other tool out there.

Stay consistent. We can get there together.

Text or call me today.

Thank you for visiting, and I pray that God blesses you with health, wealth, and peace.

Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Broker for TN (865)617-4783

Specializing in Land, Luxury, & Water Feature Properties

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