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Beauty on the Water - The Art of Lakefront & Waterfront Property

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 - By Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Agent and Photographer

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Something that I have not done yet it outsource any of my listing and advertising photography to anyone else (with the exception of one listing captured by my business partner and good friend for his family, Mr. Cadman), and with the exception of 2 photos of a tree removed from a dock that was difficult to access over a year ago, which was captured by a tree removal expert I work with often (Mr. Heape).

I truly enjoy capturing the beauty of the property on foot, and by drone. It's important that a potential buyer sees your photo-gallery, and advertisements, and they feel strongly about what they see. The beauty and the most valuable features must be easy to recognize, and grab the potential buyer's attention when browsing on real estate websites, and when searching through the MLS recommendations sent to them either by me, or an agent of their previous choosing.

Here are a couple of photos I captured this morning. I can't take too much credit, however. God is the true artist, and the manufacturer of the camera and equipment I use makes it possible for me to capture his art.

These images almost look at pretty as it appears standing her in person, viewing it with my own eyes.

If you are interested in listing ( selling ) or buying ( investing ) in real estate of any kind ( land and/or home ) in the Eastern half of TN, text and call me today at 865-617-4783.

I can research, verify, and provide detailed data that many other may not know how to access and provide.

Thank you for visiting my website. Here are this morning's photographs below.

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