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Are you seeking to buy hunting land? Ready to sell your hunting land or farm? Contact me today!

Sunday, September 4th, 2022 - By Amber Nestor - Broker - Land Specialist

Below this blog post is a picture from a recent hunt with my business partner, Mr. Cadman. We are also hunting and fishing partners.

Our recent hunt was blessed with 3 big geese, which I am looking forward to cooking with some Blackberry Sauce (an idea which I credit to a local acquaintance I made last year who cooked up a spectacular goose dinner for me and our group this way; it was delicious!)

As a person who loves hunting and fishing, I understand what other hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are seeking at the heart of things when searching for land, because those things are important to me too.

Likewise, if you have some wooded land, or acreage, that is wild and free, and you are thinking of selling all of it, or part of it, contact me. I will do a phenomenal job of marketing and advertising your property, and making sure you obtain top market value for your property as well.

Wooded and wild land is something I am passionate about. It's a precious gift of nature, and getting to be part of hiking, photographing, and doing drone photography of property you are seeking to sell or buy is something I very much look forward to doing. It's my favorite thing to do. When applicable, we also take out our boat to obtain photos of hard to reach shore-lines and views (when drones can not be easily flown to captures these images because the parcel is large enough that the drone could be lost flying off into the distance, we put the boat in at a nearby ramp and access your shoreline that way.)

I have spent a lifetime enjoying and observing wildlife, and every piece of land reveals some new and unique, natural beauty (works of God's art). It is a precious blessing & humbling opportunity to experience it.

Mr. Cadman and I venture out all across the Eastern and Middle portions of Tennessee (and beyond) exploring waterways (boating & hiking), mountains (hiking), trails, forests, and land of all kinds. Give us a call or a text today so we can put your goals on our schedule and find your dream hunting property today.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Amber Nestor - Broker - Land Specialist - Tennessee

(865)617-4783 Direct Cell

I pray God blesses you with health, wealth, and happiness this beautiful Labor Day Weekend!

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