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Apply for a Dock Permit for Your Shoreline in Tennessee NOW

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Link to the application on the TVA website:

Click here for the application.

Link to the checklist for the application on the TVA website:

Click here for the checklist.

----This post was edited on 7/21/22 at 11:36 AM EST to include the above info.----

Everything you need to know about determining eligibility, and getting approval for dock and pier construction permits & requesting shoreline tree clearing, and more.

By Amber Nestor - Professional Real Estate Agent for East Tennessee

Land, Luxury, and Lakefront Property Specialist

This is a lot easier to understand than most people think, and I will break it down very quickly for you. I am so thankful you found my webpage.

Share the link to this informative page on your social media, and help your friends as well.

Disclaimer: TVA has the final say on everything. This is general info, and everything must be verified by TVA. Also, things can change over time, so always consult TVA.

TVA is the Tennessee Valley Authority, and MOST of the shorelines in East TN are controlled by them to some degree.

This means, if you want to attach a dock or pier to the shoreline that is directly bordering your property, or in walking distance from your property, you must obtain a construction permit from them.

Also, if you would like to request to clear trees in a 20 ft wide path leading up to your dock or pier, attach this request to your dock permit request.

Step 1: Call TVA dock permit office and email them. Identify yourself, and your property. Include a diagram. Draw the footprint of what you would like to do on a diagram of your property. Ask if your lot is eligible to apply for these modifications, and request that they send you an "application packet" and a "set of instructions" and a "fee schedule" to you by email.

There are many types of docks and piers, and a variety of sizes, shapes, and dimensions to consider. You can also ask that they provide you with some samples to choose from or spec.s to consider.

Phone Number for TVA Dock Permits: (800)882-5263

Email for TVA Dock Permits:

Keep your communications patient, polite, clear, concise, and professional, and provide easy to understand attachments and diagrams that have been scanned with excellent quality. (A professional waterfront agent like myself can assist you in this entire process, and create the designs and diagrams for you.) 865-617-4783 (text me)

Step 2: Fill out the application packet, and follow their instructions. Any failure to complete a step could result in a longer wait time for your process. Pay the fee when requested.

Step 3: Make multiple copies of your approval paperwork, and all of your paperwork from the entire process from start to finished.

Step 4: If you are selling your waterfront or water access lot, be sure to have this paperwork ready to email to your Professional Real Estate Agent (me), and be sure to text me to notify me after you have emailed these documents to me.

Being able to prove what can be built or attached to your lot, even if you are not going to build it right away, or maybe you plan to start building it in the near future, so that it is at least started, is an extremely valuable thing to help market your property and prove it's true potential, AND if you get your tree clearing path and view opening approved and done, it allows potential buyers to walk your lot and fall in love with it.

It's that simple!

It is very difficult to fall in love with a person who you can not see nor experience. Likewise it is very difficult to fall in love with a building site, driveway path, shoreline, or view that you can not see or experience.

Make it EASY for someone to fall in love with your property and to verify it's potential.

Buying land and planning to build is a huge investment, and can be very intimidating to first time home builders. Help them to choose YOUR lot. Make it easy for them to fall in love with the EXPERIENCE that your land has to offer.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

P.S. Currently the button on the TVA website where you can download the application is not working. This why I recommended above that you use the phone number and email process, which I described. You can go exploring for info on the website at as well for supplemental info as well. Happy researching.

Amber Nestor - Professional Realtor for Eastern Tennessee

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to make sure that all info in the post, and all posts on this website, are perfectly accurate, but I am a human being, and not perfectly perfect all the time. ;)

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