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Stockton Mortgage Corporation - 5/5 Star Review

Are you seeking a home mortgage?

I'd like to take a moment to share a positive experience I had working with the Regional Sales Manager at Stockton Mortgage Corporation at the Maryville, Tennessee office a little over 2 years ago.

LeAnne Grigsby is phenomenal. I highly recommend her. I have experienced first hand her work, and her team, there in Maryville, TN (of Blount County), and they are simply top notch.

You can contact LeAnne at (865)604-5207 by mobile or by email at

Going through my stack of business cards today at my desk for people who I have done business with and had meetings with the past few years caused me to recall the excellent memory of working with her on several occasions.

I felt it was worthwhile to give her a recommendation publicly because I respect her, her team, and the quality of service they provide in Eastern Tennessee.

If you every stumble upon this, thank you LeAnne for being you. You are appreciated. God bless.

Amber Nestor - Land Sales Specialist of Eastern Tennessee

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