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0% Interest "Loans" to Buy Land, Homes, Real Estate & How to Obtain One By Amber Nestor - TN Broker

Is it possible to obtain a loan with an interest rate of 0% to 2%?

Yes! It most certainly is!

So, how can you get one?

The is NOT a product that you are going to be able to get, typically, at your local bank or local mortgage broker, nor at a National type bank either.

This is a type of loan which is a product created and negotiated amongst private parties who have experience creating them in the past.

If you a buyer interested in this type of lending, please contact me at (865)617-4783.

This method is most likely to be effective on price tags of $150,000, or less, but can sometimes also be effective on price tags higher than $150,000 as well.

The fastest, and easiest way, to purchase real estate or property of any kind, will most often still be:

  1. Cash

  2. Traditional Lenders

However, if these are not an option for you, or if using this products in the current market do not fit your personal or business goals currently, contact me so we can talk about what creative lending options you may be eligible for.

It is often slightly more difficult for a self-employed, small business owner, or contract worker, to obtain traditional financing. Then, many creative lenders who will work with you may still require tradition market interest rates and large down payments, and also these loan products will require very high credit scores and/or very large down payments. What if there was a way to work around all of this?

Thank you,

Amber Nestor - Real Estate Broker for Tennessee, with Land & Luxury Specialty


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