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Trillium Cascade LLC
Professional Real Estate Services of TN

Amber Nestor Owner
Land (Acreage), Luxury, Waterfront, & Invesment Property Specialist Professional Real Estate Agent and Broker REALTOR® for Tennessee
Real Data Real Results
On & Off Market Deep Data Analysis
Pro Drone Photography & Graphic Design
Powerful Marketing

Direct Cell: 865-617-4783 Direct Mail: P.O.Box 473 Kingston, TN 37763 Direct Email: TRILLIUMCASCADELLC@GMAIL.COM

"I live on the lake in Roane County, and I am licensed to serve all of Tennessee." ~ Amber Nestor

Land, Luxury, & Waterfront Specialist - Real Estate MAILING ADDRESS: P. O. Box 473 Kingston, TN 37763

By appt. only - Office #225 200 Prosperity Dr Knoxville, TN 37923 Broker REALTOR® OPEN FOR BUSINESS

All photography & images on this website are property of and work of Amber Nestor and owned by Amber Nestor &

"What I offer my clients is very unique. I have a background in data analysis, the study of mathematics and database design, and I have extra experience and specialization in the study of land (acreage), luxury, and property with water features. Real data analysis produces real results. Lastly, I am an avid hunter and fisherman, and I study ephemeral a rare native plant species as a passion. In my spare time, I study land management techniques for the support and growth of superior deer and other native species. My primary business partner shares these interests and goals, making us a powerful team."

~ Amber Nestor ~ Broker & Owner

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Why Trillium? What's in a name?

11-10-23 512 pm est - Yellow Trillium - Amber Nestor - Real Estate Agent Near Me.png

In 2018, I had the opportunity to hike a large acreage mountainous track of private land with a long cascading creek and waterfall. This hike was filled with native Yellow Trillium, Purple Fringed Phacelia, Mayapple, and a plethora of other rare and beautiful, native ephemeral species. It was gorgeous. The property had history. It had adventure. It had purity. It had a spring. And I thought, this is it. My niche is land, in addition to homes. Exploring the land is what I love the most. I will open my firm and call it Trillium Cascade, named after this beautiful place I fell in love with. ~ A.N.

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